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Transportation CRISIs

in Auckland


Hard to believe that Auckland too can have transport crisis, right? Not in the middle of paradise like New Zealand? But it is true. In recent years, transportation has become a nightmare, what with the influx of new immigrants and an increase in tourism. When once the serene New Zealand was known for its peace and quiet, it has now become a bustling city that is unable to deal with the transport of its 1.65 million residents and thousands of tourists.

According to stats collected in 2017, the number of commuters using public transport has increased from 13,000 to 40,000. This alone is a clear indication of how fast population has increased and how it is unexpected for even the local think tanks. Too many people are left waiting in line for the bus, as they already come full. The central city has more people already who are traveling than was expected or calculated in 2012.

So what is the solution? The city council needs to sit down and plan a proper course of action. The number of public transportation needs to be increased that includes buses, ferries and trains. This way, people would not have to wait endlessly to get a place in the bus of their route and can travel more easily. According to news, there had been a dispute among the officials about lowering designated space for green pastures so that more bus routes can be created. Giving people a car of their own is clearly not the solutions because roads in Auckland are capable of catering to only too many cars! But increasing bus routes could also means increase in pollution. It is high time that the government take notice of rising transport crisis and do something to not only help residents and tourists, but also the people who are providing these transport services.

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