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When it comes to traveling in Auckland, whether you are a new resident or a tourist, public transport is by far the best option, other than purchasing your own car. If you don’t have the budget for a car, you can easily get around in many modes of public transport that the city offers. From buses to trains, ferries or even taxis, everything is accessible from pretty much everywhere and allows you to take all the regular routes that lead to local attractions, shopping options and dining places.

The hub of all public transport activity is Britomart in downtown Auckland. Most bus and train routes start from this place and end here too, making multiple stops throughout the city. You can get all information regarding public transport services, time schedules and maps from the Auckland Transport’s AT journey planner. If you are in Auckland for long or have recently relocated to this city, then you can also buy a prepaid smart card which can be used for local buses, ferries and trains. It is called the AT HOP card.

For tourists, buses and ferries are an amazing option for short distances. You may need to switch from one bus to the other if you do not find a direct bus route, but the amount you pay will be a lot less than what you have to give to a taxi or car renting service. Same is the case for transportation through ferries and trains. Keep in mind though that trains are better for travel to far off places as you might have to wait at the station for a while. The ticket for train is also slightly more expensive than regular bus tickets. There are some places only accessible through ferries that do not have a train or bus route. Ask your local guide for more information.

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