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Owning a Car in Auckland

Cost of Car Ownership

Cost of Car Ownership in Auckland

Thinking of buying your own car to get rid of the hectic public transport routine you are forced to be a part of in order to get to work every day? Buying a car would mean that no more will you have to wait in line to catch a bus or rush to the station in the wee hours of the day. You can easily travel to and fro at will. Question is, what really is the cost of owning a car in Auckland? Does your pocket even allow such a purchase?

The first thing to factor in when thinking of car costs is the actual purchase cost of the car. Most car prices are negotiable, but this isn’t something you can lean on when thinking of the actual cost. Also keep in mind the lump sum money that you have to pay for the cost of the car itself isn’t the only money that will leave your hand. You also have to consider the loan cost (unless you are making full payment), the amount of money you would have to give for petrol each week, vehicle registration costs, warrant of fitness which is a checking of your car to see its safety standards, maintenance of your car, insurance of the car, parking, tickets, tolls, sound system, cleaning, roof racks and car supply costs. These are essential when you buy a car.

Once you have calculated all these costs, you can then come up with your own budget and find out what range car you can buy. It is best not to get a brand new car if you are on a tight budget as that will become difficult for you to manage. Opt for a second hand car and be sure to look around at some options before finalizing any deal.

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