Video of the week: How wind turbine blades are transported

Via How Things Work, here’s an interesting video of wind turbine blades being transported through challenging terrain:

Pretty remarkable how large the blades are relative to the trucks, and how careful the drivers are on some pretty challenging routes.

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  • John Lawson

    There’s many photos of how they travel from Ports of Auckland too eg

  • jmarshall

    There was a truck + blade parked in Palmy for a few days (near Te Manawa, I guess as part of an exhibition?)

    They’re huge, and that was a relatively small one. Wish I’d got a photo.

  • Is there supposed to be no sound??

  • Nick R

    I know someone that makes roads to put these things in place. Often the cost of building an access road to the top of some mountain capable of handling these rigs can cost more than the turbines themselves.

  • Jon_k

    Years ago now (15 perhaps?) some turbine blades arrived at the Port of Napier, eventual destination north of Palmy North… Roads had to be modified, new cuttings made. From memory the trailers still did a little “landscaping” on their way.

    Smaller blades than the vid, but still pretty damn large. Prior to transport they were on a carpark outside the port, looking at these things up close is one of those experiences that I highly recommend.

    Also, if you ever get the chance to stand under an operating turbine (Wlg and Palmy are your best bets)… Prepare to be impressed.

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