August-16 Cycling Stats

The cycleway stats for August are now available and there are some fantastic results. Here are a few highlights but they are not the only ones.

The NW cycleway at Kingsland continues it’s impressive improvement


Further up the line the counter at Te Atatu has been seeing great growth since the new Te Atatu Rd underpass opened just before Christmas last year. During August there were a whopping 76% more trips recorded here than the same time last year.


The increase on the NW Cycleway is also flowing through to Grafton Gully which saw a 52% increase on August last year.



Here is a summary of the counters compared to last year


August count

August 7-day ADT August weekday ADT August weekend and public holiday ADT % change from same month previous year 12-month rolling total

% change from previous year

Beach Rd


265 291 191 38.5% 106,246


Carlton Gore Rd


181 216 81 NA 69,716


Curran St


188 159 271 NA  


East Coast Rd


103 92 136 -6.1% 46,745


Grafton Bridge


480 565 239 11.6% 188,767


Grafton Gully


315 339 247 52.2% 118,339


Grafton Rd


78 92 39 NA  


Great Sth Road


74 76 69 -8.9% 31,386




32 33 27 -2.1% 13,678


Hopetoun St


136 166 50 NA  


K Rd


470 538 276 4.7% 187,343


Lagoon Dr


138 115 203 -7.4% 56,667


Lake Road


250 256 232 2.6% 102,604


Mangere Bridge


246 193 397 -21.0% 144,070


Mangere Future Streets


33 35 30 NA  


Nelson St cycleway


302 341 190 NA  


Nelson St Lightpath


369 376 348 NA  


NW Cycleway (Kingsland)


582 652 379 37.6% 222,214


NW Cycleway (Te Atatu)


471 431 585 76.4% 167,857




258 202 417 1.1% 118,829


Quay St Vector Arena


904 900 916 NA  


Quay St Totem


597 589 620 NA  


SH20 Dom Rd


93 86 111 19.1% 38,991


Symonds St


351 422 147 -4.2% 141,039


Tamaki Dr


1,039 1,012 1,118 11.7% 427,995


Te Wero Bridge


440 391 579 39.1% 187,907


Twin Streams


93 68 165 26.8% 42,477


Upper Harbour


122 81 239 11.0% 55,436


Upper Queen St


123 138 81 NA  


Victoria St West


90 99 64 NA  



28 comments to August-16 Cycling Stats

  • Alex

    The totem counter in Quay St i noticed only can accommodate 5-digit numbers max. The way usage of Quay St and summer looking, I’m pretty sure Quay St will hit 100,000 usage soon, and thats just half the year gone. DIdn’t AT think through that Quay St will hit 6-digit numbers? Is this easily changed or will they have to install a different totem?

    • Sailor Boy

      +1 Annual totals will be well over 100,000.

    • Max

      > i noticed only can accommodate 5-digit numbers max.

      Never fear, that is just the current setting. The installer guy confirmed to me that it can be easily toggled to add another digit.

      That said, I liked my alternative idea to just add a brass “1” number (or “2” or “3”…) in front of it by hand whenever that happens 😉

      • Sailor Boy

        You’d be a busy man!!

      • Andy White

        Max – has there been an additional sensor added to Quay St? There seems to be a new induction loop somewhere to the east of the Ferry Building (only noticed it the other day and can’t think where exactly it is for the moment).

        It seems a shame that all the cyclists that pour off the ferries and then head east use about 3/4 of the new Quay St cycleway but don’t get added to the official count.

        • Max

          Not sure about east of (close to) the Ferry Building. There definitely is an automatic counter further east (i.e. at the edge of the City Centre, not perfectly sure about exact location) to count cycle traffic in and out of the area along Tamaki Drive (road and off-road). This was added as part of the “cordon” counters installed for the urban cycleway programme KPI measuring.

          The “totem” counter west of the Ferry Terminal is mainly to show people who might not read AT websites or transport blogs… 😉

          Edit: The counter you talk about is probably this one in the above AT list:

          Quay St Vector Arena

    • nonsense

      proud to say at least 300 of those will be me this year…

  • andrew koat

    I see Tamaki drive tops the list. When is Tamaki drive scheduled for some improvement s? The tree roots is main problem with Okahu bay the worst.

    • The big problem is the Local Board ; righteous defenders of parking everywhere. After all, remove some parking and there is room for all modes to be safely accommodated. Need to get the bikes off the footpath by converting the parking lane into a protected bike lane.

      • TheBigWheel

        The local board and the MP understand there are votes in cycling and walking, and in improving Tamaki Drive as a place. “Tamaki Drive must be made safer and more suitable for walkers and cyclists” – Simon O’Connor.

        • From your link:

          ‘In addition to safety-related projects the masterplan also recommended provision for increased space for a widened seaward promenade and promontories to create a safe walking and cycling route next to the Hauraki Gulf.

          There was also provision for a two-way cycle lane on the seaward side, when the space is available, and for improvements to the intersection at Tamaki Drive/Ngapipi Rd and bridge.’

          This is code for super sizing the width of the road with a new seawall, at enormous expense, and I might add, destroying or obscuring the existing heritage wall. Just remove the roadside parking and there is space a plenty, and it is affordable and able to be done immediately.

          • MikeG

            and all of that from the same people who are always moaning that rates are too high.

            from the article on Stuff:
            “Tamaki Drive needs help. We appreciate events coming into the area are important, and that people want to come to Tamaki Drive precinct, but where is the investment back into the area?” Orakei local Board chair Desley Simpson said.

            Desley seems to forget the millions that were spent on resanding the beaches etc. not very long ago. It also bemuses me that the petition has been launched by the local MP rather than the local Councillor.

          • Buttwizard69420

            “Not very long ago” It was well before the North Shore got their flash busway. And there has been a lot of agitating behind the scenes from the local board regarding Ngapipi Ave, but it has fallen on deaf ears.

    • Max

      Tamaki Drive upgrades from Quay Street to Ngapipi are slated to be done within next 2 years. Beyond that – nothing definite, am afraid. Only some unfunded, and as Patrick notes, partly conflicting visions…

      • John

        Not sure if anyone’s already suggested this, but I had a bit of a day dream the other day about getting tamaki drive closed off to motor traffic every Sunday morning for a summer, from say mission bay round to okahu bay?
        There would be oh so many haters, but with decent traffic plan placations to get it through, it would be a roaring success that could be expanded upon.
        You see it on beach fronts overseas and it’s just amazing to have the quietness and freedom on a nice city waterfront.

        • Buttwizard69420

          I’m sure the people of Glendowie and St Heliers will be perfectly thrilled to lose their PT link and main road to the CBD, in addition to all the events that are run along Tamaki Drive during the summer with no consultation.

          • Sailor Boy

            From either Glendowie or St Heliers a bus train combo is far faster than a bus down Tamaki Drive and Kepa Road or Green Lane East is the main road to the city, not that maintaining private vehicle access to the CBD should be anywhere except the bottom of our priority list.

          • buttwizard69420

            Firstly: No, that’s not correct at all. It is a comfortable fifteen minutes in the early morning to the Strand if you leave at around 7. To do the same run along Kepa Road or Greenlane, I’d be mixing it with the traffic from Glen Innes, St Johns and Meadowbank, never mind the shedload of signalised intersections that you’d be waiting at. It would take forever, and it takes even longer on a weekend due to our perpetual rush hours.

            Also, which bus/train combo would you be talking about? The buses in Glendowie for the most part go nowhere near a train station and are once an hour on a Sunday. Maintaining private vehicle access to the city inevitably becomes a big deal when you don’t give some suburbs anywhere near the same level of access to public transport that you do for others.

  • Chris Randal

    Stats for Weymouth Rd please?

  • Andy White

    Sorry for the July dip in Grafton Gully, I was on holiday.

  • JessicaRose

    Is that really fair to say LB are defenders of parking when you know very well that there are some strong voices in the Waitemata LB who are pro bike lanes? We also know that LB has to represent ‘the people’, so are we better off continuing to work together to demonstrate the need for the safe paths (as the above stats unarguably show), and to keep on normalising the behaviour to get this to a wider media / audience. Everyone wants to be doing the thing everyone is doing. If we’re all biking, then people who aren’t are going to want to do it too so they don’t miss out.
    Also to John – OPEN STREETS / SUNDAY STREETS, yes please!!! One day, on one bit of road is not enough, car free Sundays have been transformative in many other cities.

  • As the stats show, the number of people on bikes on Tamaki Drive is massive. It has every type of person on a bike you could imagine. The tired old “footpath” is in fact very popular, with about 50% of all cycle traffic, from commuters to families – but it’s under challenge as numbers of users increase – with no investment in 40 years. The MasterPlan should just be regarded as a discussion doc and I think the Orakei Local Board did a OK job of it in 2012. It does talk about reduced parking…  “in the context of a wider parking plan for the Tamaki Dive MasterPlan area, reduce parking along and adjacent to Tamaki Drive over time…” …. And some of their artists’ impressions show reduced parking. Agreed, not the whole length of Tamaki Drive, but I reckon you wouldn’t have expected ANY Local Board to go much further than that in 2012.

    These city beaches and waterfront will attract increasing numbers of Aucklanders – it’s not just about the immediate surrounding suburbs. Come to Mission Bay or Ohaku Bay on a weekend afternoon or evening – TD attracts people from all over the south and east of Auckland.  It’s heaving with people who would never go to the Wynyard Quarter, because they can bring a family picnic to the beach, play touch and volleyball. People will flock from all those intensified G.I. areas, east and south, and from the inner city. Making it more attractive and safer for people to come to the city waterfront by bike sounds like a good investment. G.I. Tamaki Cycleway must really work with the existing cycle network along Tamaki Drive.

  • Tim

    Whereabouts is the Great South Rd counter does anyone know?

  • Wow, I’m impressed with those numbers.

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