Christchurch striving to be a more accessible city

Some videos from Christchurch’s Central City Development Unit on the transport changes taking place.

And a timelapse of  the construction of their new bus interchange


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  • Simon

    I saw most of these intersections and treatments when I was in Chch for a conference a couple of weeks ago. Good to see them explained as well as in action. I also saw the bike parking at Chch Hospital and took a couple of photos because I was impressed by the HUNDREDS of bikes in the corral outside. Christchurch of course has great topography and climate for cycling and Hagley Park is amazing. Good to see that thinking and action is happening to make the street network work better for cycling and other modes.

    • Sailor Boy

      It mustn’t have been -7 when you were there. Makes Auckland’s climate look amazing for riding.

      • Simon

        Well it was spring. Norwester. Mid 20s at 5pm. But your point about the sort of cold chch gets keeping people off bikes is mostly rubbish. Continental winters do, but beung a maritime island we don’t get those. Rain is probably worse than mild cold and Chch is our driest city at 620mm / year – about half as wet as auckland.

        • I grew up in Chch cycling ever day and now cycle in Auckland every day. Both cities have great cycling climates. Chch of course has the more suitable topography but the headwinds can be more challenging than any hill. Those Easterlies can feel like a solid wall.

          Hopefully we will see Chch become Cyclopia again as it was until the 1960s. There is no reason for Chch not to have Copenhagen (25%+) like mode share for cycling. There is actually no reason why it cant have Amsterdam (40%+) or even Groningen (60%+) level mode share – but baby steps!

  • Steve W (with a space)

    Collateral damage, but the obvious and rapid movement of light across the surfaces over and over gave me a clear sense of being on an object spinning madly through space……I almost felt dizzy and motion sick. 🙂

    Nice looking building. 🙂

  • I swear he says ‘inaccessible city’ three times?

    • Guy

      Can’t be 100% sure, but I think he is saying “the An Accessible City”. Which is using a definite article and an indefinite article together. Must make sense to him, but makes no sense to me… However – the end results are great. Hopefully some of the rabid opponents of the Island Bay Cycle Way will get to watch this video, and understand the point of the cycle lane on the inside of the parked cars.

      • Frank McRae

        ‘An accessible city’ is the name of the plan. So he is saying “The ‘an accessible city’ plan”. That’s not how I would phrase it but I can see the logic.

  • Anthony McBride

    I was actually walking along the new Matai Street East the other day at about 3:15pm and saw HUNDREDS of cyclists leaving Christchurch Girls and Christchurch Boys. It reminded me strongly of Copenhagen, I only wish I had taken a picture of it. And an intersection near the hospital with 8 or cyclists waiting at the lights. I swear that there are far more than last year.

  • TheBigWheel

    Accessibility for cycling looks good and improving, especially compared to Auckland. But what about the place itself? The CBD that’s going up is just so much corporate grey. Dull.

    • Simon

      My sense from walking around downtown recently was that rebuilding the urban fabric is a decades long task not just years. New builds are going up but it appeared to me that < 10% of vacant lots were being built on and next to none of the small business that stitches a city together has yet come back. Bars, cafes, restaurants, takeaways, dry cleaners, service shops, goods shops all few and far between across much if the former downtown.

  • George D

    That looks like a great bus interchange! Glad we’re copying it in Manukau…

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