The Same Day

A great ad from the Spanish Transport department highlighting the growing frustration of constant traffic jams and the fight to find parking – urging people to re-think how they travel to and from work.


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  • mfwic

    The unemployment rate in Spain has fallen to 21.18%, the lowest it has been since 2011. Imagine the congestion if they had jobs to go to!

  • Steve H

    “Every day is the same. It is time to change. Move by bike, walking, or on public transport and use the car only when it is necessary.”

  • Bryan Sellars

    A great add when will the message get through.

    It’s about time all fossil fueled transport was thing of the past and yes I am anti cars, we haven’t got a Sir John Douglas Cockcroft to save us on this one, climate change is far to serious to faf about any longer, it might be to late but we have never tried to do anything to cut CO2 and now we have methane at elevated levels in the arctic it’s scary.

    Cars and trucks ruin it for all other forms of transport, it’s about time it was gone. and yes I have a car but would love to get the bike out to go to town but would be relegated to a torturous meandering ride unless I faced the hazards of a road congested with logging trucks and cars doing 70kph to 100kph

    P.S. Cockcroft follies removed 95% of the radiation from Windscale atomic facility when fire broke out in one of the reactors something that was not supposed to be possible and why they called them Cockcroft follies, without them much of the north of England would have been a no go area, we are not going to be so lucky with climate change.

  • Matthew

    Is this a government campaign? Can we have such humour and logic in our public service announcements? Or is that asking too much of the blind that lead us?

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