Now that’s a traffic jam

Think Auckland has a congestion problem, take a look at these images from China a few days ago on the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway. It’s the result of people heading home at the end of a week long national holiday.

China Congestion

China Congestion 2

The bottleneck kind of reminds me of this image from Sydney – and which is equally appropriate for another road based harbour crossing



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  • JeffT

    What can you say? Is this where we want to head?

  • Allister

    This picture and story in the original source is a bit misleading. They imply the whole highway is this wide, but in reality it is just the toll plaza on a 3-4 lane highway as seen with google maps . It is unlear how far things are backed up.

    • Danx

      Yeah, could probably get a picture like this at many a toll booth in the US though they wouldn;t look so impressive as the number of booths is typically smaller and the tailback longer…

  • wsomc

    Another insane thing on that video is the smog. You can hardly see the ground anymore when the drone climbs up a bit.

  • harrymc56

    It’s obvious innit? The Chinese just did not build enough lanes!
    I mean the more and bigger road(s) we have the less congestion. Stands to reason . It can’t possibly be any other way.
    S. Joyce.

  • Bryce P

    I go out of my way to avoid peak traffic in Auckland (as much as is possible). I’d loose the plot in a jam like that.

  • kelvin

    Mismanaged traffic control.

    How can they have such a wide road going though a small bottleneck. Who design that?

    They should at least have electronic payment priority lane. As soon as it is significantly faster, many cars will register and use it.

    More information is also needed to broadcast information to public to not to take that road, so people can use other transport options.

    However I highly doubt their government management care since those officials are not elected. They will just ask the central government to pump in more budget so the official can corrupt more money from it.

    • mfwic

      When you look at the video they show a very brief shot of the bottleneck which isnt the toll plaza but the 3 or 4 lane section downstream of it. (The cars are still crawling after the toll plaza) There is mention online of some sort of checkpoint there causing the backlog.

  • luke

    The solution is obvious, build a 25 lane flyover and remove the toll.

  • RB

    We have the design idiots here in NZ. In Auckland the southern motorway southbound has 7 lanes of cars converge into 2 between Manukau and Manurewa. Whoever designed that needed shooting.

    • Ted F

      Isn’t it more than 7 southbound lanes that converge at the SW intersection of the motorway? to 3 at Manurewa to 2 at the downhill to Takanini?
      So you build another motorway (but don’t call it a motorway) parallel over the hills at Redoubt Road and cure it!

  • RJ

    You should see Manila voted worst on earth. We have roads here there and everywhere, bus passengers standing the middle of the street waiting to catch the bus blocking the cars, street vendors on side walks, people crossing against the red man (paying attention of course) and so much more undisciplined problems

  • mfwic

    In New Zealand we would solve that by spending millions on a cycleway along side it for 10 cyclists to use.

  • Seems like a train might fit a fair few of those people in… …just saying.

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