Victoria St entrance to Aotea Station

Two new images from Auckland Transport on what we can expect the Aotea Station to look like.

The first shows what the entrance to the station will look like from Victoria St.

Aotea Station - Victoria Entrance

A few things is you can see this will result in a significantly narrowed down Victoria St, the rest o which is meant to eventually be turned into a linear park. The image also shows there will be a cycleway along Victoria St and is obviously fairly realistic as like Beach Rd, it has a lot of people walking on it. In the distance you can also see escalators back up to Victoria St on the other side of Albert St. I think this route will become quite popular as a way of avoiding waiting at the lights. This can also be seen in the image below which was released a few months ago.

Aotea Station Design North

The second image is a more fleshed out version of what we’ve seen the station look like from the platform

Aotea Station Design Platform Oct - 15


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