Photo of the Day: Street Opened

The truly great Lyttelton Market:


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  • Ahh Lyttleton, I thought it was Lyall Bay at first. Regular markets there too.
    (why is the post tagged “overseas cities” ? 🙂 )

  • O would that we could open our streets more readily! But the cost for community is prohibitive.

    • Stephen F

      The photo has 3 cones and a road closed sign, probably other side to. I think cones are $25 each and sign and base $300 and then that keeps getting reused for zero.Maybe cheaper than you think, just needs will to do it.

  • Anthony McBride

    A lot of new things appearing in here Christchurch! Would this blog be interested me sharing my PT stories around the city? I have been using the buses to get around for the past month and is going to take up cycling as soon as my bike is lubed up.


  • OrangeKiwi

    (Reply to Stephen F)

    You’re forgetting the other side needs cordoning off too – all in all a truly ‘prohibitive’ excercise. I wonder how much (or how little would probably be more adequate) it cost to close/open O’Connell Street this afternoon.

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