Photo of the day: Mitre 10’s bike parking

The other weekend I went to the Mitre 10 Mega in Wairau Road to pick up some building supplies. To my surprise, they’ve put in a bike rack near the store entrance. I’m not sure how much use it’s going to get given the aggressive traffic environment on Wairau Road – but someone’s obviously given it a go!

Perhaps Mitre 10 should consider following the lead of IKEA’s Danish stores and renting out cargo bikes to let their cycling customers move bigger loads.


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  • Pete g

    New world Thorndon, in wellington recently installed one too. Considering the double story car park on site, the 6 bike parks are a start. Oh to sort out the cycle unfriendly streets surrounding it next. Good to see alternative methods for transport being considered

  • I don’t understand why these sorts of bike racks are installed.
    I never use them and find a solid pole to lock my frame to. Is it simply that there are no bike thefts in Auckland? In london a rack like that would be full of front wheels only. And public parking is always of the solid pole type:,-0.141272,3a,75y,110.1h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s1zRZXrkYu9TLG2CHWZQWsQ!2e0

  • Would be even better with a Sheffield Stand, rather than the outdated wheel bending style, which is not good for attaching a D lock.

    • Dan C

      Ah… so “sheffield stand” is the term i have been looking for thanks! Agree they are so much better. I have never seen this wheel bending style when i lived overseas and travelled allot and thought the world must have changed since my childhood. But coming back to AKL i see they are allive an well here.

      The ones AT install seem to be pretty good, there’s just not enough of them. See my link above from london, all the shopping streets have these bike parks at regular intervals.

  • Austin Fox

    John is right, Sheffield racks are the way forward. Before I moved to NZ I was a planner in the UK and the council I worked for would only allow Sheffield racks. The type shown here make it easy to either steal, or just push over, the bikes. Ok start tho..

  • DamianS

    On a positive note, from the removed marking, it looks like they may actually have taken out a car park for this. Let’s not concentrate on the less ideal aspects, but on the positives.

    • Peter Nunns

      Exactly! Credit where credit is due, although as someone who rides bikes and visits hardware stores quite a lot, it wouldn’t usually occur to me to combine the two activities.

      • Well I do as I’m usually buying portable stuff like lightbulbs etc… no racks at my local Mitre 10 so I just ride right in and lean my bike up on the deck chairs or cement bags…. seems ok.

        • Bryce P

          I have done a bit now as it also gives me a good little ride and a hill or 2. Have filled the panniers up a couple of times. I use the Silverdale Bunnings as the new Placemakers has not included access other than by motor vehicle.

  • Al C

    Living in this area and regularly/semi-regularly cycling to the pack n save, bunnings/mitre 10 and netball courts I will take a bike rack anywhere.

  • Tim Roberts

    The Bunnings at Constellation has bike racks too. Even under cover if I remember correctly!

  • Michael

    I’ve resorted to chaining my bike up to the trolley rack at Bunnings Mt Roskill on a few occasions. And boy do I get odd looks from the car drivers when I do.

  • mark

    You should try living in Kelston. Car parking sea at the local mall no racks. Or New Lynn. Massive Mall, 3 racks right where the smokers sit. Cigarettes stubbed out on my saddle.

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