Waterview Connection March Timelapse

The latest timelapse video for the Waterview Connection. Regardless of your views on the motorway, it’s a bloody impressive piece of kit boring out the tunnels.

5 comments to Waterview Connection March Timelapse

  • Steve

    I think the TBM is less than child like Matt! 🙂

    It is pretty impressive, can’t wait to see similar being done for the CRL. Seeing the all of the high-tech in place with current methods also shows what amazing feats of engineering and construction that things like the London Underground were for their time

  • Christopher T

    Yes, it’s a pity that all that fantastic technology is being wasted digging out an unnecessary traffic sewer! Bring on the CRL.

  • Publius

    The last shot is the northern (waterview) tunnel portal? What are the insanely high concrete pillars holding up? It looks like a very very deep pit!

  • George D

    I like technology like this. It encourages us to think that other things are possible.

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