Photo of the day – Under the Motorway

Life under the Victoria Park Viaduct

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  • Rape Central, did they ever install any lighting?

    • grantb


      Normally lots of people in the park, at least while I have been wandering through, and while there are some improvements that could be made (walkway linking to the Fanshawe bus-stop and maybe a kiosk selling icecreams/coffee/hop card top-ups), the place has improved out of site over the last few years.

      Been there after dark, and seems to be a safe environment compared to other parks like Western Park. Any police stats to suggest Victoria park is worse than any other area of the city for rape or other crime?

  • Dave B (Wellington)

    I wonder how appealing it is at night?

  • Make It Go

    Would be better to have shops and supermarkets there – many cities overseas put good quality retail beneath elevated sections of road and rail corridors.

    • Make It Go

      A restaurant boulevard would also work.

    • Dan

      But it is in the middle of a park, so any large shops would just take up more of the park.

      • Make It Go

        The retail area would only occupy the space under the elevated motorway.

        • Loraxus

          Not enough footfall here – it is currently so disconnected from everything else due to massive roads with crappy crossings. Maybe once the linear park comes down from the ridge along Victoria, Franklin gets newly upgraded, and a good ped link to Wynyard Quarter exists. Right now, any shops here would likely struggle.

  • Bevan

    I saw a great use of an elevated motorway section in Seville with wall climbing hooks and handgrips along the pillars and upside down along the roof so you can rock climb.

  • mfwic

    Can you imagine the meeting where someone said “lets just mark a few coloured dots on the pillars, that will fix it!”

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