Waterview Tunnel Photos

Reader and photographer Jeff Smith has been working with the Well Connected Alliance – the consortium building the Waterview Tunnels to document the project. He has just released these photos and more of some of the progress to date. The tunnel is now about 150m in length

Waterview tunnel 1

Spoil being loaded onto the conveyor.

Waterview tunnel spoil

Tunnel segment about to be lifted into place

Waterview tunnel segments

A section of the TBM that looks a bit like a spaceship from a sci-fi film.

Waterview tunnel spaceship

Thanks to Jeff for letting me run with the photos and there are a heap more on his site. If you’re interested in the project at all then it’s definitely worth a look.

6 comments to Waterview Tunnel Photos

  • Dc

    I didn’t realise they were 150 meters into it – one or two spooky photo’s – love it!

  • patrick

    Wow great photos! What is used for the road, fill or some other structure.

  • Steve N

    NZTA are the masters of the PR piece: regular updates of progress on the Victoria Park Tunnel, Newmarket Viaduct – and now the Waterview Tunnel.

    AT could learn a thing or two, although they are getting better.

  • ejtma

    To be fair, there was a pretty good article in todays herald, which I am sure they had something to do with.

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  • Dave P

    A bit late to the story, does anybody know why the concrete plant was created int East Tamaki, only some 24km away from the job site. As I was following one of the trucks, which can only shift 3 segments at a time (I assume to road weight), I had to ask the following question

    Would it have not been a cheaper option? to have the concrete plant in Onehunga or Rosebank road (also assuming that once the project is finished, the concrete plant would be shut down)