Photo of the day – Northern Club

The greenest building in Auckland – at least from a colour perspective

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  • Jennifer Ward

    The Nothern Club is beautiful. Imagine if the Sky Tower was a vertical green garden all the way up. It would be truly iconic – especially if natives were used. It could bring the Tui’s back to the CBD.
    How hard would it be….? Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

  • Publius

    Being deciduous it probably helps to cool in summer by preventing direct sunlight radiation onto the building.

    • Greg N

      It cools by preserving the nights moisture inside the brick/block work, and preventing it being quickly lost the next day,
      Then as the moisture is drawn out by heating during the day, this evaporation uses the heat inside the brickwork, which cools the brickwork further, making the building cooler inside.
      In winter as you say, the leaves drop off so this effect is reduced.

  • Christopher

    And it looks pretty nice come autumn as well.

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