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Lots on this weekend

The screening of The Human Scale along with the Pecha Kucha night has unfortunately been cancelled due to high winds with the organisers looking to reschedule the screening in March.

However if you are in the area and want something to do another event in the area is still going ahead. From 7-8pm our very own Patrick will be talking about transport and urban issues including the Congestion Free Network. It is being held inside the six-pack silos. Tickets are needed to ensure the place isn’t overcrowded but they are free.

WORLD’S EDGE is excited to bring you one of New Zealand’s foremost photographers of architecture and a leading contributor behind the  – Patrick Reynolds.

Join us for what should be an insightful glimpse into how we interact with our built environment as Patrick shares his perspective on Innovation in Urbanism.

Worlds Edge

There are a few other things on this weekend.

Tomorrow there is also the Big Day Out. If you are attending make sure you plan how you’re going to get there.

On Saturday Auckland Transport are opening the new Panmure station with a public open day – only you can’t get there by train.

Panmure Station Opening

On Sunday there is the Auckland Ironman 70.3 which will result in a number of road closures including lanes on the harbour bridge and the Northern Busway.

12 comments to Lots on this weekend

  • TheBigWheel

    Anyone going to Panmure.. go by bike or take your bike and make sure you ask where the bike racks are 😉

    • Greg N

      I just swung by Panmure Station on my way home and indeed there *ARE* some bike racks there (those Staple hoop types) – on the Mountain Road bridge between the two platform stairwells on either side of the bridge abutments. So blow me down and call me Charlie – AT coughed up some $ to do something after all.
      They’re not “proper” bike racks, and no doubt the cheapest they could get (away with) probably, ,but they’re a start.

      There were construction workers clearing away all the security fences and the like, even one chap was water blasting the platforms ready for the big day tomorrow.
      And road beside the platforms was sealed (wasn’t earlier this week).

      So I will probably ride down there tomorrow PM (before 3pm) for a look.

      Heres hoping for a new EMU parked platform side as well (even if its not going anywhere – at least we can see one up close then).

  • I will be talking from 7-8pm in the Six Pack, so out of the weather, there will time for questions…. for those who wish to dodge the BDO and get a little urban-aggitation going!

    Believe there will be something film wise to follow too, just not sure what at this stage.

  • Fred

    So a train station is opening yet you can’t catch a train to the opening. Could these guys organise a piss up in a brewery?

  • Simon C

    Exactly. If the trains aren’t running but they wanted to do something official why didn’t they just open the thing on Monday for use but have a grand opening celebration the next Saturday???

  • There is some poetic (in)justice in that a screening of The Human Scale gets cancelled due to the venue being windswept.

    (Just musing. Silo Park is one of my favourite places in Auckland and a great exemplar project in many ways.)

  • Simon C

    Pity they cancelled the Human Scale screening prematurely. The weather has fined up since early this afternoon and would’ve been no problem (except for a bit chilly – and that’s what blankets are for!).

    • Greg N

      Well it was pretty damn windy at the Panmure station precinct this evening at about 7:30pm, so I am sure that Silo Park will have been worse.

      Anyway, [selfishly] cancelling was good for me as I couldn’t go tonight but will make sure I make the re-screen – that’ll be a time when I can get a train in to Britomart to go and see it.

  • nonsense

    nice little talk last night. Thanks Patrick always a pleasure to listen to, especially the most colourful expressions.

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