Photo of the day – Link Tunnel

I believe this is on Alfred St where the tree canopy have created a tunnel for a link bus.

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  • Sacha

    Why does the *Outer* Link go through there?

  • Luke Christensen

    Alfred St, otherwise known as the most useless pedestrian area around.
    Yes seriously, like most other people you have probably never seen these messy signs at the entrance.
    Of course this is totally ignored and many people drive through there all the time, so just a normal street.
    Not helped by the dreadful design where the road looks like a road, and the paths like paths.

    • Liz

      It’s vastly better than it was before. And I say this as someone who walks through there several times a day. As it’s used all day by buses and delivery vehicles, I wouldn’t consider it strictly a pedestrian area. But certainly the council or university could help by enforcing the rules.

    • Liz

      Also it now looks different to what’s on street view. They spent a stupid amount of time digging it up (right at the start of a semester, worst possible time). Now is that semi-cobbled look. Are you referring to the revamp or the street view image?

      • Luke Christensen

        na not the street view image, that is a real shocker.
        Issue just is the sign suggests it is a shared space type area, but it functions like a normal street.

        • Liz

          Yeah I knew it was no vehicles apart from buses, service vehicles & ‘university business’, but all together there are so many of those that I never associated it with being a pedestrian street… despite how many times I have seen that sign :-/

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