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Making fun Bus Stops

I think that introducing fun in to the PT experience is essential and something that we need to be doing. It’s something I’ve talked about before and believe it could have big opportunities in Auckland to make people think different about public transport. I was searching for something the other day when I came across this post from a few years ago which is a collection of 25 cool and unusual bus stops from around the world. You can see them all at the link however here are some of my favourites. As you will see they work to make the PT experience unique and interesting.

Football goal posts in Brazil to promote the world cup – not that it probably needs much promotion there.

A swing for a seat at a London bus stop, there are normal seats to the side.

And here’s a video of it

Seeing as this one was advertising the Playstation 2 it is obviously a bit old now but what I like is the bubble wrap on the walls. It creates an interesting distraction for people waiting at the bus stop because who doesn’t like popping bubble wrap.

Again another take on the distraction/fun element, this time a hammock at a bus stop.

From Paris an interactive bus stop in which people waiting can interact with a touch screen that is also affected by pedestrians that pass by the larger screen on the back of the shelter.

From Japan a series of quirky bus stops designed like fruit.

As I said, making the PT experience fun and interesting is something I think that is really important. It doesn’t mean every bus stop should be like the ones above but perhaps Auckland Transport should have a programme to make fun a handful of bus stops each year.

And one final one that I think could have the opposite effect, the seat has been turned into a scale that displays your weight on the side of the bus stop.

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