Highlighting Auckland

We know that Auckland has some amazing natural beauty with the harbours, volcanoes and ranges but the one area that really lets it down is the urban environment. Things are slowly starting to improve – although there is still a long way to go. As such I want to start a new feature on the blog and the intention is that most days there will be one or more pictures highlighting an urban scene within Auckland, some will be good and some might not be so good.

I would also love for you to get involved too, if you’re a photographer or capture some interesting photos then send them to me.

To kick off here are a few photos, these ones are by Sydney and are copyrighted

Park, Motorway and Heritage building all in one.

Walkway with a great view for those inside but that blocks the view for pedestrians on Lower Albert St

The old tracks have been retained at Wynyard

Zurich House, an office building without a single basement carpark

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