One for the trainspotters

Google has just updated some of their google map images for Auckland with their 45° angle shots. They are higher quality than before and also let you rotate around to see the city from different angles and it is getting a better appreciation of the height of buildings., here is a shot of the CBD.

Google 45° shot CBD

The images radiate out ~10km from the city centre so unfortunately if you want to look out south, west or north of about Wairau you are stuck with the old 2009 images. Some people looking through the images have found one particularly interesting shot at Morningside however. What makes this image interesting is that the train at the station is an ADK which is pretty much the oldest and crappiest type of train we have on our suburban network. They only venture out on the western line extremely rarely as they are pretty gutless which means they don’t handle the hills very well. I imagine the odds of one being out west on the same day that google was taking photos would have been extremely low.

Google 45° shot ADK

Edit: and thanks to Luke for reminding me that the Christchurch maps have also been updated, the interesting thing about them is that the zoomed out maps are still the old photos but the closer in ones are from last year so you can see some of the scale of the damage that occurred.

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