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Well it was an extremely stressful game, and full credit to the French for playing unbelievably well, but:I’ve watched the All Blacks lose games in every World Cup since 1991 so this is very satisfying. But wow, did it have to be that stressful?

As an aside, despite the huge crowds the transport system seems to have held up well and Auckland Transport finally closed Queen Street to cars this afternoon.

3 comments to Finally

  • James B

    At last. I almost cried.

  • Almost as good as the 2003 Silver Ferns Netball World Championship win in Kingston, Jamaica.

  • Cam

    Ah yeah sure Matt, almost as good as that…

    I’ve been waiting since 1987 for this and they made us go through agony for 80 minutes to achieve it. So proud today of out team. They found a way to win when they were not playing well. The city last night was something to behold so many people i’ve never seen Auckland like it. Was fantastic.

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