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Auckland's Public Transport

Problems and Potential Solutions



Auckland has one of the worst traffic situations in the entire Australasia.


Traffic congestion is one of the many problems in Auckland. It is one of the most congested cities in Australasia.


Auckland has a growing population of over 40,000 per year.


Studies show that Aucklanders spend almost 80 hours a year stuck in traffic jam. That's more than 3 days a year that's wasted.

Public Transport

There are three modes of public transport in Auckland: Bus, Train, and Ferry.


Over 800 cars are registered in Auckland each year.


Despite transport projects being delivered by the council and the government, Auckland’s traffic woes still seem to be worsening every year. This can be attributed to the city’s growing population and the increasing number of car registrations. Approximately 40,000 people move to Auckland every year and almost 800 vehicles are registered every week. It’s like having 800 new drivers on the roads of the city every week. 

Traffic is also exacerbated by the drivers’ generally poor standard of driving. You will often find drivers on their phones, sometimes hogging the fast lane while running 70kph.  A huge percentage of drivers on the road do not even have valid licenses. 


Auckland’s traffic situation is indeed bad. The ripple effect caused by the smallest accident on the Harbour bridge road will slow down all of the motorway networks for an hour or more.

Here are three potential solutions that could help ease Auckland’s traffic problems:

  • TOLLS – tolls will allow high-occupant vehicles such as buses and carpools to pay a flat rate and stay in the special lane dedicated to moving more people at one time. Private vehicles will have to pay a higher toll, encouraging car owners to take advantage of the city’s public transport. Fewer vehicles on the road, less traffic.
  •  RIDE SHARING – utilizing rideshare apps to travel can help reduce the number of vehicles on the road, thereby alleviating the traffic situation.
  •  BETTER PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION – more coverage and more frequent public transportation can also encourage people to leave their cars at home. If public transport is made convenient, people will have more reasons to take advantage of it. This will help ease the city’s traffic jams.
  • TIGHTER IMPLEMENTATION OF TRAFFIC RULES – unlicensed drivers should not be allowed to ply our roads and streets. 
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